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Bhad Bhabie: the rapper reveals her new look and it does not pass

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Bhad Bhabie has not been slow to react to the torrent of criticism aimed at her, after she unveiled her new look.

Bhad Bhabie accused of doing too much

The situation is difficult for Bhad Bhabie nude. Even though the rapper/influencer had made a point of proving, with receipts to back it up, that she had managed to generate no less than 52 million dollars thanks to OnlyFans, if her talents as a businesswoman are no longer in question, her attitude is disturbing across the Atlantic. Appearing completely transformed on the networks, the skin now darker, the young woman is accused of “blackfishing”, a phenomenon already noticed on Instagram, consisting of white female influencers to pretend to be black or mixed race women.

The interpreter of Gucci Flip Flops obviously does not agree with these accusations, and she made it known through a message, explaining in broad strokes using a foundation that gives her face a darker shade, before pushing an outburst: “Do not ask me anymore why I’m not on Instagram, there is no money to be made here. I don’t need to be there, I do it for my fans, but you guys take it too far every time. It’s both sad and weird.”

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