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Software Development Company Geniusee Expands Its Sales Presence in California

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Geniusee, an AWS consulting partner known for developing custom software and providing expert support, is opening a new sales office in the USA under the leadership of Eric Burns. This expansion is a significant milestone in the company’s growth and showcases its commitment to serving clients worldwide.

Geniusee has earned a reputation for excellence in delivering custom and off-the-shelf solutions to various clients, which include enterprises, dynamic small to medium businesses, and startups ranging from YCombinator & TechStars on Series A to D funding rounds. Over six years, the company has completed more than 150 projects across various domains, such as FinTech, EdTech, and Retail. The company operates worldwide, mainly working with businesses from the USA and the UK.

“We are excited to open our sales office in California as it allows us to be closer to our existing clients and tap into new opportunities within this dynamic market,” said Eric Burns, the Vice president of Sales Operations at Geniusee. Eric Burns has five years of experience as a Sales Executive. He also brings five years of professional coding experience along with more than a decade of supporting Account Executives as a Sales Engineer in multiple technologies. “Our team’s ability to understand clients’ needs, together with our innovative approach and industry expertise, enables us to deliver high-quality results and drive business growth for our partners.”

One key factor that sets Geniusee apart from its competitors is their deep expertise in data science, Artificial Intelligence, and consulting. Geniusee has been at the forefront of using NLP models and OpenAI to help its clients’ businesses find new growth points. The company has been a pioneer in developing natural language processing (NLP) software solutions even before it became a global trend, gaining invaluable expertise that positions them as pacesetters in the industry.

“Cooperation with clients for us is more than just delivering the highest possible quality in set timelines and budget; we strive to become partners in the long run,” added Taras Tymoshchuk, the CEO of Geniusee. “Our clients’ success is our success, and that’s why we put our utmost effort into providing flawless development and support at all stages of cooperation, ensuring their products are designed, built, and supported to perfection.”

Recently, Geniusee achieved AWS Education Software competency, a significant recognition of its expertise in AWS Cloud Architectures & Migration. The company boasts a strong proficiency in diverse AWS technologies, including hybrid architectures, networking, security, storage solutions, backup, and disaster recovery. With expertise in scalable cloud infrastructure, containerization, serverless computing, and AWS databases, Geniusee is a reliable technology partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Furthermore, Geniusee excels in managed services, including CloudOps, DevOps, and ProdOps, with a deep understanding of various DevOps tools and automation technologies. This ensures smooth implementation and maintenance of cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing clients’ systems are efficient and secure.

Geniusee’s comprehensive software development expertise extends to a wide range of open-source and database technologies, covering Android and iOS mobile development and robust web platform solutions. The company’s focus on security and compliance, along with its data science and AI prowess, has solidified its position as an AWS Advanced Tier Services Consulting Partner, particularly sought after by FinTech web and mobile development experts.

In recognition of its outstanding services, Geniusee has been listed among the Top 5 Education Mobile App developers on Clutch and acknowledged as Forbes-recognized visionaries and practitioners.

About Geniusee: Geniusee is a full-cycle software engineering company with expertise in product design, development, IT audit, compliance, and cybersecurity. The company’s extensive portfolio includes successful projects across various industries and domains. With a team of dedicated professionals, Geniusee continues to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients worldwide.

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Eric Burns
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